The French Consul in the DRC, receiving the advocacy letter for the Global Fund from LDF

A 2.0 heroine! Martine Zagabe Mugoli, mother of a family, is involved in the associative movement as an accompanist of women’s dynamics and has been coordinating the activities of “Levain des Femmes” in South Kivu (LDF) since 2006, working for the socio-economic development of women and girls who are victims of atrocities due to wars. LDF also fights malaria through the “Self Reflect” mechanism by bringing together all social strata in the region through awareness campaigns on malaria prevention and management.

Malaria remains a major health problem in this country. As a reminder, the DRC is the second most affected African country by malaria in 2017 with 15 million people affected and about 27,500 deaths (WHO, 2018)

“LDF is mainly involved in rural areas in South Kivu Province. Our current direct target is about 5,000 beneficiaries. That said, LDF is involved in several civil society networks in the DRC whose joint actions extend throughout South Kivu Province,” explains Martine Zagabe Mugoli.

In the fight against malaria, LDF organizes monthly awareness sessions on different topics related to the correct use of bed nets and sanitation. It brings together all the social strata of the region so that these populations can become self-sufficient and live in a healthy environment without mosquitoes.

It is strongly committed to the distribution of impregnated mosquito nets by working in partnership with the Ministry of Health and local hospital institutions.

With these activities, LDF aims further! Indeed, a mutual insurance company has been set up to ensure that women can have access to appropriate treatment in the event of the detection of malaria or other diseases. This demonstrates an end-to-end support until the population’s self-management in terms of health!

Martine Zagabe Mugoli is definitely a resourceful woman! In 2016, a major awareness campaign for the autonomy of care was organised by LDF. Thanks to this campaign, 95% of the members of the organization and village credit associations have joined the mutual health insurance companies and can now enjoy primary health care, including access to malaria prevention and care tools.

On February 14, 2019, LDF at the request of CS4ME (Civil Society For Malaria Elimination), participated for the first time in a strong advocacy action beyond the usual service delivery; this was the special St. Valentine’s global campaign “Step Up The Fight” launched and led by GFAN Asia Pacific and with the support of GFAN Africa and CS4ME in Francophone Africa. The CSO met with the French Consul, to whom it delivered an advocacy letter for the mobilization of Global Fund resources this year in France. It was able to meet with the French consul in her region and talk about the importance of malaria control at the community level in the DRC and the austerity of interventions funded by the Global Fund for Women and Communities in this region, which is very difficult to access. France being one of the largest donors, the Consul reiterated their commitment and support for the Global Fund’s projects.

This door, which has been opened to this community-based organization, is an opportunity to continue advocacy in order to mobilize resources for the fight against malaria. Next steps: meet the national leaders of the DRC!

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