CS4ME Governance



Steering Committee

The Steering Committee constitute the principal decision-making body for the activities of CS4ME and be responsible for giving guidance and strategic directions to the implementation of the work plan and objectives. The committee also reviews the progress of its implementation.


The Secretariat is responsible for planning, coordinating, executing activities, and providing administrative support to CS4ME.


Membership in CS4ME is open to any representative of civil society or community-based organization with experience in malaria-based programming. Members are active representatives of Civil Society Organizations and actors of change at their different level.

Working groups

Members have the opportunity to join working groups on selected topic and actively contribute to design and implement CS4ME actions, positions, statement, campaigns and other key activities. We have global, regional and countries working groups to advance the fight and ensure greater committees engagement.


Interested parties that are not eligible for CS4ME membership may participate as Observers at CS4ME Steering Committee meetings, Working Group meetings, events and other activities, by invitation only.  These parties may consist of organizations, companies, government officials, institutions and individuals or other interested parties.