CS4ME congratulates the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for exceeding the target of the Sixth Replenishment by reaching USD 14.02 billion in pledges on October 10 in Lyon, France.

Through their contributions, the Government of France and all donor countries have created a unifying global message that it is no longer acceptable for people to suffer from preventable and treatable diseases. Their commitment to the Global Fund puts us on the right path to ending the epidemics of HIV, Tuberculosis and malaria. CS4ME applauds their continued and increasing support and contribution.

CS4ME also recognizes and congratulates the increasing number of donors from endemic countries including 20 from Africa pledging financial support at the Sixth Replenishment Conference; an encouraging message of global solidarity.
CS4ME acknowledges that many organizations and individuals have been instrumental in achieving the Sixth replenishment target and we express our sincere gratitude to those who engaged in advocacy across countries and regions, facilitated dialogue within governments and donor institutions, and to those who took a public stand for a cause that is central to human development and global health security.

The Sixth Replenishment should be remembered as a success story of collaboration and coordination between global donors, responders and communities, and a sign of renewed confidence in our ability to end the three epidemics of HIV, Tuberculosis and malaria.
CS4ME is optimistic that this momentum can be maintained as we particularly work to eliminate malaria, one of the most ancient and deadly diseases in human history.

CS4ME is proud of the achievements already made, but remain cautious that there is still much more that needs to be done until we reach zero. To eliminate malaria, we must now consider how to strategically invest this USD 14.02 billion in an inclusive, equitable and people-centered response that generates the greatest amount of impact. CS4ME urges all decisionmakers to ensure that communities and civil society are engaged and accepted as equal partners, and to continue investing in malaria until we reach zero cases globally.

CS4ME commits to strengthening our efforts to mobilize and engage civil society and communities, and will work in stronger partnerships with donors, governments, technical partners and other actors to ensure that malaria elimination programmes are effective, impactful, equitable and sustainable.

This is our collective opportunity to get back on track and finish what we started

About Civil Society for Malaria Elimination (CS4ME) :is a global network of over 100 civil society organizations (CSOs) active in the fight against malaria. We jointly advocate for more effective, sustainable, people-entered, rights-based, equitable and inclusive malaria programs. The growing alliance of empowered communities and CSOs fill a critical gap in the malaria fight and help elevate malaria as a national, regional and global priority until it is eliminated.

CS4ME Steering Committee

Willy Muhizi – Alistair Shaw – Ngou Olivia – Shreehari Acharya – Dr Shampa Nag