What We Do



CS4ME’s primary goal is to increase advocacy efforts, communities engagement and build capacity of civil society and communities to achieve malaria elimination.

Further, CS4ME seeks for civil society organizations and communities to be involved beyond service delivery, providing valuable input and effective advocacy in decision-making processes to complement and strengthen the global fight against malaria.


  • Connect civil society organizations and communities affected by/at risk of malaria on a single platform and build & strengthen their capacities and enable South-South collaboration and coordination;
  • Promote the involvement of local civil society organizations and communities beyond service delivery as actors taking part in decision-making processes, strategy & programme development, monitoring and evaluation, research, to complement and strengthen malaria control/elimination and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Champion & secure community-based programmes and reinforce the sense of urgency for malaria elimination;
  • Advocate for sufficient and sustained resource mobilization for malaria control/elimination, and prioritize appropriate allocations for civil society & communities;
  • Promote universal access to & effective use of existing tools, and demand innovative tools & responses that serve the needs of communities and local conditions;

  • Solicit an effective multisectoral response for malaria elimination with empowered civil society & communities as key stakeholders.