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The fight against malaria must continue!

Read the statement from malaria affected communities and Civil Society.

Communities Centered Approach

A call for a meaningful engagement of Civil Society Organizations and Communities to transform the fight against malaria.



Malaria Responses Fully Funded



Our Actions

Our Mission

Firm in the belief that empowered community and civil society are game-changers in health responses, we, ​representatives of national, regional and global malaria communities and civil society, have come together and formed the Global Civil Society for Malaria Elimination (CS4ME), ​as part of our commitment to jointly advocate for more effective, sustainable, people-centered, rights-based, equitable, and inclusive malaria programmes​.


Pour vaincre la COVID-19, la réponse doit s'attaquer aux obstacles liés au genre, à la stigmatisation et à la discrimination, et protéger les droits de l'homme. #TheBeatContinues #UniteToFight @GlobalFund @StopTB @zeropalu @UNAIDS @WACI_Tweets @resultsuk @CSOs4UHC @africa_yl4

@ImpSanteAfrique en collaboration avec @eannaso organise une formation sur les droits de l'Homme et les questions liées au genre dans les programmes de lutte contre le paludisme en Afrique francophone.
Date:Lundi 21 Septembre 2020
Heure : 13h à 15h GMT
Lien Zoom : 863 4834 1381

En contexte COVID-19, le travail de lutte contre le VIH, la TB et le palu ne doit pas être interrompu. #luttonsensemble #sauvonsdesvies @GlobalFund @StopTB @Zeropalu @WACI_Tweets @resultsuk @PeterASands @CSOs4UHC @africa_yl4 @OMS @UNAIDS @GFAN @CS4MEglobal

Primary health care beyond COVID-19: dealing with the pandemic in Cameroon!

An article written by Ms. @LundiAnne1, from NGO Reach Out Cameroon, member of @CS4MEglobal

Please click on this link to read more:


New @GlobalFund Results: 160 MILLION mosquito nets distributed to protect nearly 320 MILLION people from malaria in 2019. #COVID19 threatens that progress. Malaria deaths could nearly double next year. We cannot let that happen. #UniteToFight

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