A global network uniting civil society organizations and communities to achieve malaria elimination

Communities Centered Approach

Malaria Responses Fully Funded



A call for a meaningful engagement of Civil Society Organizations and Communities to transform the fight against malaria.





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Gabonese civil society meets with the country’s Vice-President and obtains a commitment to increase the state budget allocated to health

Our Mission

Firm in the belief that empowered community and civil society are game-changers in health responses, we, ​representatives of national, regional and global malaria communities and civil society, have come together and formed the Global Civil Society for Malaria Elimination (CS4ME), ​as part of our commitment to jointly advocate for more effective, sustainable, people-centered, rights-based, equitable, and inclusive malaria programmes​.


Modéré par @dourahsante, CEO de @endmalaria, le #Sénégal, le #Niger, le #CaboVerde, le #Rwanda et l’#Inde discutent maintenant du renforcement et des stratégies de ripostes nationales contre le #paludisme. #ZeroPaluJemEngage @OIFfrancophonie @GlobalFund @FirstLadyNiger

Algeria and Argentina are officially malaria-free! Congratulations on achieving @WHO certification and ensuring that your citizens are protected as we work to #EndMalaria globally.

Today Algeria and Argentina join the ranks of countries certified malaria-free as the World Health Organization presents their certifications at the #WorldHealthAssembly! @PAHOWHO @WHOAFRO

Olivia Ngou presented at the #RBMFellowship2019 to discuss @CS4MEglobal & the crucial role media plays in the fight against #malaria in #Africa and worldwide. Just like Olivia, declare #ZeroMalariaStartswithMe! @endmalaria @WHO #WHA72

Gilles from France says it is critical that we #GetBackonTrack & #EndtheEpidemics because people's lives matter.

We are calling on Governments around the world to increase investments in health and the @GlobalFund #StepUptheFight

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