A global network uniting civil society organizations and communities to achieve malaria elimination

A Call for a Meaningful Engagement of the Civil Society Communities to Transform the Fight Against Malaria




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Firm in the belief that empowered community and civil society are game-changers in health responses, we, ​representatives of national, regional and global malaria communities and civil society, have come together and formed the Global Civil Society for Malaria Elimination (CS4ME), ​as part of our commitment to jointly advocate for more effective, sustainable, people-centered, rights-based, equitable, and inclusive malaria programmes​.


Climate change is the biggest health crisis of our time. Extreme weather is leading to more death and illness. Working together, we must commit to building climate resilient health systems, to save lives and build a healthier, safer, more equitable world for all. #COP28

Community-led organizations are powerful leaders in the fight to promote gender equality, human rights, and challenge harmful and discriminatory laws, policies and practices that keep people from lifesaving services. On #WorldAIDSDay and every day, we must #LetCommunitiesLead.

We are online
Join us for an engaging conversation on CSOs involvement in domestic resources mobilization for #Health.
Let's spread awareness about the impact we can make in the global fight against #Malaria and other diseases.

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📄 Civil Society Statement COP28 🚨

On the eve of the @UN #ClimateChange Conference COP28, we share with you the civil society declaration in support of #Health at #COP28.

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